Winners Win!

My name is Tony and ever since I was a kid I realized a fundamental truth that rings true everywhere I go. That is that Winners WIN! For some odd reason people who are truly winners find ways to win despite difficulties and setbacks. They find solutions where others see only challenges, they innovate when others run away. They possess the uncanny ability to grow and evolve even in the face of ridicule, failure, and struggle.

These individuals thrive under pressure and lift others with them. I know many of these people personally and they are a different breed. So much so that ever since I was a kid all I ever wanted to be was a winner.

This project is dedicated to spreading the truth about these winners. What they do, how they do it, and most importantly why!

We can all be winners if we are willing to do what it takes. These courses are everything I have learned from these remarkable humans. One thing I can promise you, winners want to create more winners, and to that ideal I hold true.

NAHREP Top 250

Tony and his team are among the top 250 real estate agents in the country

Forbes Real Estate Council

Tony currently sits on the Forbes Real Estate Council

Principal Broker

Tony is among the youngest Principal Brokers in the country